Man The Lifeboats Before The Crew Jumps Ship!

When I visualize the US stock market, I picture Janet Yellen captaining a huge cruise ship, known on the high seas of global financial markets as the QE Infinity! Her crew consists of corporate CEOs, business leaders and figureheads on Wall Street, who work together seamlessly to keep the ship on course as it travels through uncharted and dangerous waters. The passengers on the ship are investors, large and small, who feel impervious to the rough seas that surround them, confident that the QE Infinity is unsinkable. While the passengers dine on a three-course meal of capital gains, dividend income and all-time-low borrowing costs within the belly of the ship, they are entertained by an orchestra of prognosticators performing their rendition of the bullish narrative. The US economy is on the verge of a breakout year, they exclaim. We will finally realize 3% real GDP growth! Interest rates remain at […]



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